Is Environmentalism just “Mental”?

When I was 17, in my first semester of Environmental Management and learning about CFC gases, I cried.
In broad daylight. In a crowded auditorium.

And it wasn’t because there’d been irreversible damage, or that people had suffered. It was because our lecturer said, with a sense of defeat and carelessness “well I guess that’s your generations problem now…”.

When you’re growing up, it takes some time to accept the harsh realities around you, and even longer to accept ownership and take control. I think one of the biggest problems with our environmental and resource crisis, is we all know about it. And we all know that we all know. So if the person next to me isn’t changing, then why should I?

Well that’s why I’ve created this blog, the Mainstream Environmentalist. Almost 10 years later, as a 26 year old business analyst, I can see the dilemma we face in turning profitable consumerism into a sustainable future. What I also see, is the opportunity for change, and what a difference I have made as one person in the last few years of my life, and I’m excited to share this journey with others.

Before the Kindle, it used to sound unconventional and even a bit mental to consider reading an entire novel on a screen. Perhaps in the same way it still sounds uncomfortable to change from tampons to Diva Cups.

It takes realisation, ownership and of course action. But it all starts here…
Will you be mental enough to become environmental in your own way?

The sum of the masses will make the world of difference (pardon the pun). It just takes the minority to become the majority.

Here’s a throwback to a favourite clip of mine, an example of adoption through dance!
If you’d like to see what you can do to be a Mainstream Environmentalist, follow this site.

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