Is Your Waste the Problem or the Answer?

Have you ever had a negative situation turn into a positive outcome? Perhaps what you thought were flaws, are exactly what your new partner likes about you. Or the dreaded annual stationary expenses finally prompted you to go digital.

Most business see their material waste as a negative part of their business. A problem to solve. But quite often, there are opportunities to utilise our waste.

In 2018, as the impacts of our purchasing habits are becoming more and more evident, many companies are responding to the environmentally conscious consumer. Volvo have committed to using 25% recycled plastic in the production of all new cars. While ADIDAS have just launched a range of footwear from “upcycled” plastic and rubber waste.

This revolution of recycled content, means there are now customers for your post industrial and post consumer waste. In fact, you’d be surprised what there is a market for!

Vendors at the South Melbourne Markets are turning their fish offal and food waste into high value fertiliser for resale. Not only does this solve their waste “problem” by turning it into a product, but they have also created a competitive advantage by appealing to the environmentally conscious Melburnian.


[If you have a waste stream, it’s highly likely that you actually have a resource stream.]

Quite often, our problem isn’t the problem. Our problem is our inability to see the opportunity. Open your eyes to these new markets.

Imagine if you made money from your waste, instead of spending money disposing of it. Capturing your waste for reuse is more than just an economic win.

Keeping a resource in the economy avoids the problem of finding a place to dispose of it, while stopping others from mining for new resources.

If you’d like to know what opportunities there are, to get maximum value from your waste, drop a line to or check out Vanden Recycling for more info.

Vanden Recycling have access to international markets and can implement source separation and logistics solutions to see your product through, from your facility to the end user.

Take another step towards being a Mainstream Environmentalist.

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