Florists Want Your “Waste”!

Our daily convenient pod coffee is really not so convenient for the planet; or the resource industry.

It’s estimated around 3 million single-serve coffee pods are used every single day, just in Australia!

There is one positive to this…

Coffee pods use less coffee grounds

Coffee pods use just 5 grams of coffee grounds , compared to up to 15 grams used by a barista.

This reduces the energy and resources that go into producing our glorious coffee!


Coffee pods result in aluminium waste

Aluminium is the most readily available metal on the planet, but the energy used to produce the 1 gram aluminium coffee pod is equivalent to leaving an LED light on for 23 hours!

The good news is…

Coffee pods can be recycled

Although aluminium is recyclable, coffee pods are too small to be recycled by our general recycling bins. To ensure your coffee grounds are composted and aluminium pods are recycled, drop off your pods at one of these locations near you.

Locations for pod return – you don’t need to go to a Nespresso store

Many Florists have partnered with Nespresso, as the coffee grounds are a great source of nutrients in the floral industry. These place will take all brands of coffee pods, they just like them to be bagged so they don’t leak all over the store!

Ellies Flowers, Seven Hills, NSW

If you must save some time in your weekday morning with a coffee pod, spend some time one weekend a month, to capture these resources, before they enter landfill.

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