Too busy to be healthy? Or too busy being healthy? You choose.

Life is a revolving door of competing priorities, evolving wants and needs, and just sh#t that you have to get done.

What you eat, makes a huge difference in your life. Your energy levels, your appearance and of course, your health. What you eat will change how long you live and how you feel when you’re living.

Sometimes, eating just feels like a means to an end. It needs to be done. When you’re working long hours, out of the house or going through a difficult time, it’s just a chore that slides down the list of priorities.

Sometimes it becomes a prize. Eating can feel like a reward you deserve after life throws you lemons. It can start to become normal, to just eat whatever is available. And it’s really easy to order pizza.

You always have a choice. You just need to prioritise your eating over other things. That’s up to you. There have been many people before you, who have had it worse and made better decisions.

When you consider how much the rest of your life depends on how much energy you have and how you feel about yourself, I think your healthy eating matters the most.

I used to complain that I didn’t have time to cook, I didn’t have choices, it’s too hard to cook for one. But the reality was, I just hadn’t yet decided, that my health was more important to me than exciting things, like socialising… or family sized chocolate custard.

I’ve been travelling overseas for over 2 months now. I haven’t put on weight and I still feel energetic. I’m not going to tell you it’s been easy. But I don’t regret prioritising my health. I don’t think anyone would.

Ordering breakfast on the way to work

Homemade dinner in 10 minutes

Entree as dinner at a wine bar

Sweet potato prepared with only a butter knife

During 4 weeks in one place, I did one large shop at Wal-Mart to get single purchase items like chilli flakes and containers; as well as heavy long life ingredients like canned vegetables and almond milk. I took an Uber home to save the hassle of public transport. This meant that every other grocery trip was small so I could walk home or grab a few things when I was already out.

I came up with this idea and picked which Wal-Mart location when I was at an airport waiting for my luggage. We all have downtime. Use it!

You also have a lot more opportunity than you think. The Lunchroom has a blender? Use it. Air bnb has no kitchen knife or peeler? Perserve! Those sweet potatoes were cut with a butter knife. Your hotel includes free hotcakes for breakfast? Skip it!

These are your choices, and the only person winning or losing is you.

Spend your digestion energy and calorie intake, on foods that feed you what you need.

Salad wonderland!

When I didn’t have a kitchen I ate out a lot. But this doesn’t need to stop you from prioritising your eating.

Choose meals with more fibre and avoid processed foods. These are simple concepts that aren’t too restrictive.

I still ate things like this icecream! Just not as often. I’m a chocoholic so I’d choose this plus salad over no dessert and a steak.

Ordering vegetarian breakfast at a cash only diner

Being one of few people, making the most of the salad bar at a buffet

Trying Tempeh for the first time

Being active comes with the territory. I’ve learnt that excercise is more than just calorie burn. It keeps me in a healthy mindset, keeps endorphins flowing and reminds me why I choose to be healthy. We are so lucky, not everyone gets that choice when there are health complications.

It’s been 6 months since I published “Change Your Normal“, and this lifestyle is still my normal. Sure, there are days I eat more than I should or I feel it’s all too hard, but normally, I’m a healthy person.

I hope my story can help others see; you have the control and you have the power, to have the healthy lifestyle you want. You just need to choose. Everyday.

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