Florists Want Your “Waste”!

Our daily convenient pod coffee is really not so convenient for the planet; or the resource industry. It’s estimated around 3 million single-serve coffee pods are used every single day, just in Australia! There is one positive to this... Coffee pods use less coffee grounds Coffee pods use just 5 grams of coffee grounds ,... Continue Reading →

Is Your Waste the Problem or the Answer?

Have you ever had a negative situation turn into a positive outcome? Perhaps what you thought were flaws, are exactly what your new partner likes about you. Or the dreaded annual stationary expenses finally prompted you to go digital. Most business see their material waste as a negative part of their business. A problem to... Continue Reading →

So what do you Vego people even eat?

Number one question, but I thought the same thing before I discovered the colourful world of VEG! It's the truth... fruit and veg makes your insides feel amazing and keeps your skin looking good! Eating naturally allows your body to run at full pelt. Don't feel guilty about olive oil and salt when you're eating... Continue Reading →

How to Stop Using Bin Liners

Australia is going through a large change, with the removal of plastic bags from retailers. For the over thinking millennial that I am, this brings up 2 questions. Will there be any negative fall out? What’s the next change we can make? If you’re no longer getting single use bags from your supermarket, chances are,... Continue Reading →

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